• Forest Rescue

    Forest Rescue

    The happy Forest animals love spending their days relaxing in their beautiful grove. Tall trees shelter their nests and keep the air fresh and clean. But the Evil Beavers have other plans for the Forest. Lumber is very profitable and the Beavers have plans to clear cut the Happy Forest and turn it into cash. The animals will not stand for this. Join them in the fight to take down the Boss Beaver and his minions. The forest animals will be there to help you at every turn, helping you blast your way through the obstacles the Beavers have created for you. Go head to head with the Boss beaver and send him running. The Beavers think the forest is easy money. Play Forest Rescue today and make the Beavers pay!

  • Donut Haze

    Donut Haze

    Help the Happy and Delicious Donuts save their world from the polluting, evil Ovens. Use your Match-3 skills to pop, burst and explode any obstacles in your way. The evil Ovens think the tiny Donuts have no chance against them. Little do they know that with you on their side, it is the Ovens who stand no chance. Take up the fight and help the Donuts make their world sweet and peaceful once more. Will you dip into the Donut world today?

  • BonBon Chef

    BonBon Chef

    Josephine was a hard working waitress in a very fancy French restaurant. Her dream was to one day become a chef. But that dream was cut short by an unfortunate series of events. Not one to give up so easily, she decided if she wanted to make her dream a reality, she would have to take a chance and do it on her own terms. Finding a beat up food truck that was home to an abandoned puppy, Josephine put all her savings into repairing it, ready to go cross-country to bring fine dining to wherever she roamed. Use your Match 3 skills to help Josephine and her lovable companion Biscuit, complete delicious recipes for her customers and grow her business country-wide. Become a Match 3 Master Chef and use the finest ingredients to cook up a storm. With fun and challenging Match 3 levels you will sweat it out in the kitchen alongside Josephine and Biscuit. Happy matching!

  • Solitaire World Tour

    Solitaire World Tour

    Enjoy the timeless game of Solitaire in a brand new way. Challenge your friends for real-time multiplayer action, or take part in international Tournaments. Travel to iconic destinations while advancing your Solitaire skills until you are ready to take on the best players on Facebook. Join the Solitaire World Tour today!

  • Solitaire Safari

    Solitaire Safari

    A rare creature is spotted in the Serengeti! Adventurers, scientists and poachers are all racing to find and capture this mysterious creature. Take your Solitaire skills on the go in this wild and wacky adventure. Traverse dangerous terrain, facing monkeys, elephants and even caterpillars. Join our heroes as you go deeper and deeper into the wilderness to find the secrets of the Seregenti. Your Solitaire skills will face their greatest challenge yet!

  • Mystery Detective

    Mystery Detective

    Meet Sam Cross. Once the FBI's finest field agent, now a down on his luck private detective. After his fall from grace, he kept doing what he knew best, however he could. When a young woman is kidnapped and her wealthy mother offers a huge reward, Sam Cross goes on the case. Little does he know, what at first looked like easy money will turn out to be his most dangerous assignment. Help Detective Cross solve the biggest case of his career, and remember, the clues never lie.

  • Fruit Farm Frenzy

    Fruit Farm Frenzy

    Welcome to the Fruit Farm. A peaceful and sunny retreat, home to many happy fruits, Old Farmer Jack and Rocky the Raccoon. But hard times hit the Fruit Farm and when Old Farmer Jack could no longer make ends meet, Megafruit Corp offered to buy out the farm. Having no choice, Farmer Jack agreed. Little did he know that Megafruit Corp planned to turn the beautiful orchard into a mechanized and noisy Fruit Factory. While there is nothing Farmer Jack can do now, he is not the only inhabitant of the farm. Join Rocky the Raccoon and the Happy Fruits as they fight to thwart the corporate plans and restore peace to their Fruit Farm. Give in to the Fruit Farm Frenzy today!

  • Word Wizards

    Word Wizards

    Travel to a world where words are magic and those who would master words become powerful Word Wizards! Journey through a storybook landscape filled with danger and adventure and challenge the evil Bully who would twist your words and break your spelling. Join our heroes on their quest to become Word Wizards and become one yourself! Your adventure starts now.

  • Puffy Pop

    Puffy Pop

    In a land of magic and lore, the Puffs are gentle creatures that spend their days collecting Elixir, the magical substance that sustains all life in the Puff Kingdom. Meanwhile, evil plots in the shadows. With enough Elixir, the evil Gruff can become unstoppable. A hero must rise to the challenge and reclaim the essence of the Puff Kingdom before darkness covers the land. Become a Match 3 Hero and save the Puff Kingdom. Your journey starts now!

  • Sleepy Kingdom

    Sleepy Kingdom

    The Nightmare Witch has cast her evil spell on the kingdom and put everyone to sleep, except for the few lucky enough to escape. The sleep is anything but peaceful as nightmares consume the victims. From these nightmares the Witch draws her power. Your task is simple but filled with danger. Awaken the people and the Witch will weaken. Once enough people are awake you will be able to break her spell and free the kingdom. Armed only with your wits and trusty hammer, rebuild the ruined towns and roads to allow your people to escape. The kingdom calls for a hero and for once it is not a mighty sword that will save the day but a keen intellect and an iron will. Your task is before you. Seize the day!

  • Crystal Island

    Crystal Island

    You have crash-landed on an uncharted island in search of the legendary Tears of Poseidon. It is said that any person who can master the gems will gain unimaginable powers. Explore the island and use your match 3 skills to unlock the secrets of the gems. Your adventure awaits!

  • Dino Clash

    Dino Clash

    Dinos are peaceful creatures that just like to play. The evil Cavemen however, have different plans for the Dinos. Kidnapping them from their playgrounds, they put them to work in their camps, doing hard labor all day. The Dinos have had enough! It's time to pay back the Cavemen for their hospitality. The Dinos have a plan and plenty of tricks in their arsenal in order to take down the Cavemen. Join the resistance and use your skill to help the Dinos win freedom once and for all!

  • Safari Escape

    Safari Escape

    Collapse the blocks to rescue your Baby Animal friends and crush the poacher! The Baby Animals need you! The once tranquil reserve that is their home is now under siege by a ruthless poacher and his traps. Save the Baby Animals and crush the poacher using your collapse skills. Enjoy fast and fun gameplay while on Safari and take the role of Park Ranger, keeping poachers at bay!

  • Solitaire Atlantis

    Solitaire Atlantis

    Ancient evil threatens Atlantis. The guardians of the oceans rose up to defend it, but they cannot stem the tide of darkness on their own. A great deck of power was lost through a portal that leads to our world. Whoever can master this powerful artifact can defeat any evil. When two young adventurers stumble upon the deck, they are drawn into this ancient conflict. Join our heroes and experience Solitaire in the magical and perilous place that is Atlantis!

  • Poker Mafia

    Poker Mafia

    Think you have what it takes to make it in the mean streets? Put together the toughest crew and take over the family business. Play High Stakes Poker in the Mafia Underground as a Street Soldier and move your way up the ranks to become the next Don.

  • Candy Bubble Land

    Candy Bubble Land

    It seems there is trouble in the land of Bubbles and Candy! Someone has stolen the secret Candy recipe book and now Candies are becoming extinct. You are their last hope! Pack your sweet tooth along and get ready for the sugar rush of a lifetime! Experience a wonderland of bubbles and candy. Travel the surreal landscape and use your Candy Bubble machine to shoot, pop and drop your way deeper into the mystery of the candies.

  • Balisto


    Ballisto is a fast-paced, engaging game of skill and timing. The goal is simple. Destroy all glowing pegs. Enjoy a visually stunning world, amazing animations and super-powered boosters. Get set to go ballistic for Ballisto.

  • Bubble Age

    Bubble Age

    Take the ultimate journey through a lost world of Dinos and danger. Pop and drop all the obstacles in your path with your trusty bubble sling and your Dino helpers. Bubble Age is the epic adventure of a family searching for their lost son in an inhospitable prehistoric world.


  • Farkle Blitz

    Farkle Blitz

    Played since the 14th century, Farkle is a timeless game enjoyed all over the world. It is simple to learn and fun to play. Simply roll six dice and try to get the best score over 10 rounds. Test your luck and skill against players from all over the world.

  • Vegas Dream Poker

    Vegas Dream Poker

    The stakes are high but if you make the right plays you can be living the Vegas Dream. Take on the best poker players and write your own Vegas Dream. Imagine yourself sitting in a private penthouse playing a no-limits high stakes game with the best poker players while overlooking the strip.

  • Solitaire Tales

    Solitaire Tales

    Solitaire Tales is a unique and fun solitaire game. It combines fast-paced blitz action with puzzle solving strategy. Have the best of both worlds and enjoy solitaire in an whole new way. Travel the kingdom and write your own legend.

  • Bubble Land

    Bubble Land

    Trappers are kidnapping all the forest songbirds! They think the forest has no way to strike back. But just try telling that to Frank and Kip. Armed with their bubble sling they are ready to take down the trappers and defend their home.

  • Crush City

    Crush City

    Match-3 like it's never been done before. You are humanity's last hope. Use your match-3 skills to rebuild cities crushed by catastrophe. Avoid blockades, collect power and fuel and survive long enough to put your plan into action.

  • QBet Casino

    QBet Casino

    QBet Casino is the ultimate Social Casino. Play with friends or make new ones in our more than 11 different classic casino games such as BlackJack, Video Poker, Keno, War and Slots. The fun starts at QBet!

  • Jewel Kingdom

    Jewel Kingdom

    Jewel Kingdom is a unique and fun Match-3 game. It combines fast-paced blitz action with puzzle solving strategy. Have the best of both worlds and enjoy Match-3 in an whole new way. Travel the Jewel Kingdom and write your own legend.

  • Full Stack Poker

    Full Stack Poker

    If you are looking for a Pure Poker Experience, free of all distractions, Full Stack Poker is where you want to be. With a clean and sleek look, you can focus on your game and win BIG.

  • Jewel Journey

    Jewel Journey

    Calling all Explorers! Jewel Journey is a fresh new take on the game of Match-3. Travel to exotic lands and become a Master Archeologist while solving fun yet demanding puzzles.

  • Poker Fantasy

    Poker Fantasy

    Play Poker like you never have before. Ever wonder what cards your opponent is holding or maybe what card the dealer will turn over next? Poker Fantasy combines strategy with magic in order to give you a unique and powerful perspective into the game of Poker.

  • Mahjong Pirates

    Mahjong Pirates

    Sail the high seas and gain treasure and fame while solving challenging puzzles. This is a whole new twist on the classic game of Mahjong. Battle your friends for supremacy and venture into distant and dangerous lands in order to find unique treasures and solve the most difficult puzzles.

  • Ultimate Qublix Poker

    Ultimate Qublix Poker

    Play like a Pro! With High Stakes Poker Action it's the Ultimate place to Play Poker on Facebook. Test your skills and play the timeless game of Texas Hold'em against your friends. Poker has never been this fun!