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The Q?Who we are

We forsee a world in which all gaming is social. With social platforms becoming truly global, social gaming has reached new heights. As such, we strive to create entertaining, user-centric and innovative games. The future of gaming has arrived and we hope to build the ultimate user experience. With more games on the drawing board and in development, stay tuned for our next offering.

We Innovate

We are always looking to create a new and unique experience for our users. We launched many firsts in the puzzle and card game genres and continue to do so.

We Span Many Genres

Some studios focus on a single type of game, sometimes even a single title. We have Puzzle, Card, Casino and Hidden Object games to name some of the many genres we cover.

We Love Games

It takes passion and committment to create great games. We are gamers first and we create the kind of experiences that we know gamers will love.

We Listen

Our support team responds to (almost) every request for every game. We care about our players and make the most of the feedback we receive to improve all aspects of our games.


33Active Games
17Games in Development
3000000Daily Players

CultureWhere work and play converge.

Always Forward

We work with the latest technologies in order to keep up with the latest industry trends and try to set a few of our own. We are always learning, always moving forward.

Kindle the Fire

We love new and innnovative ideas. All of our employees participate in the creative process and contribute to our games in many capacities. To build a fire you start with kindling. 

Take a Snapshot

In the daily rush to get things done, it’s easy to lose track of the present moment. While the past has lessons we learned and the future great potential, ultimately, everything happens now. Now is when the next hit is born.

It's in the Stack

Games like any other industry require a well designed process. Assembiling a game is both a creative and an industrial process. Over the years we have developed a full stack process that smoothly brings games from conception to launch.

Full Speed Ahead

The game industry is one of the fastest paced on Earth. Low chances of product success and limited life expectancies require constant development to stay in the game.

Players First

We are gamers before we are game designers and publishers. Any game has to play well before it leaves our hands. Our testers put in countless man hours into each title.

GamesOur inspiration comes from being gamers!

Forest Rescue 2
Forest Rescue 2
Crystal Island
Crystal Island

We got more amazing games!

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